Keep Him Guessing – Mixing Up Your Dogs Routine

Has your dog been exhibiting signs of doggy boredom?


We often expect our canine companions to remain the same throughout the years.

Regardless of how turbulent or unstable our lives become, we can always empathise with our loyal companions, whose blissfully predictable existences are solely orchestrated by us. Although it is tempting to envy our dogs’ simple lives, is it possible that we do not consider the monotony that could set in after years of living out the same day over and over again?

We anthropomorphise our dogs on a daily basis, assigning them their own personalities, but if we wanted to afford them a semblance of intelligence then we would consider how their day-to-day lives may well have a bearing on their overall mood.

Although each and every one of our dogs is different, there are a few tell-tale signs that they are not getting the stimulation that they are in need of. Many of these fall under the ‘not-so-subtle’ category, such as demand barking or even toy presenting. However, many breeds of dogs are also capable of exhibiting subtler signs of despondency that may be easier to miss. Dogs who don’t finish their meals; who show a lack of interest in activities that they would usually enjoy (such as regular walks or training games) may well be suffering from boredom.

If you feel that your dog may well be growing tired of its routine, why not shake it up with one of these ideas?


New Toy

retriever-1865260_1280Where some pooches may well go to town on every new toy that they’re given, tearing it to shreds within moments (if this happens frequently then there may well be an underlying issue) some dogs, for whatever reason, will choose a toy as their favourite. However, all toys have their day and buying your dog a new one may well be just the thing to bring them out of their funk. You might have to try a few designs at first, you’ll know when you’ve found the right one!

Dog Holiday

dog-1149964_1920Although there are people who have taken their pets across the globe with them (we’re looking at you Loki the Wolfdog!), taking your furry pal overseas may well be more effort than its worth. Thankfully, there are now more dog-friendly destinations than ever, right here in the UK. If you’re looking for a destination that will suit both your dog and your family then North Wales is well worth a look – this site here has some great ideas on things to do whilst you’re there.

Change Their Mornings

dog-1517133_1280A dog’s morning routine is arguably the most important one of the day. Their start to the day, from waking you up with a bark to their first drink of water, shapes the way that they go on to enjoy the day, so why not change it once in a while? Try waking them up for a change and taking them on a morning walk somewhere different – consider changing their food once in a while or giving them a special meal once in a while.

Meet New Friends

dog-2039354_1280If your dog is walked on the same route at the same time each day, then the chances are that he doesn’t get to meet as many new friends that he would like. Dogs need their social time as much as we do, so try taking your dog to an evening agility class to get them out and about. If there aren’t any nearby then you can always try looking up popular dog walking parks in your local area and taking him their in the mornings or evenings, when they are at their busiest.