Look After Yourself, Look After Your Dog

“What is to be human? What is to ache? What is it to be alive? Each person you speak to has had a day, some of the days have been good, some bad. Each person you speak to has had a childhood, each has a body, each body has aches. Look for what is special in each individual, focus on that. Remember there is someone out there for everyone.”

From ‘Anomalisa’ written by Charlie Kaufman


There is someone out there for everyone. And for everyone else, there’s a dog. Your dog can be your someone, my Rowan is certainly my someone these days, and that is just fine by me. I love him and he loves me back. I care for him, and he cares for me in so many ways.

Each person you speak to has had a childhood, each has a body, each body has aches

My body has aches. Literal aches, I have bad knees and a bad neck, when I wake up I feel stiff and awkward, uncomfortable and pained. Recently I found my self a physiotherapist, it turns out that in Liverpool Physiotherapy is pretty competitive, and there are some great people out there doing fantastic work, my new physiotherapist works out of a gym that I also use, and it is going really well.


Self love is important. And your dog is important. And loving your dog is important. What does your dog need? Well, I noticed Rowan walking a little strangely in the morning recently so I thought to myself: Why aren’t there physiotherapists for dogs? And, it transpires, the answer to that is: There are physiotherapists for dogs! How fantastic is that! Now I can get Rowan the real care and attention than he needs and deserves. I just need to find one who comes well recommended. So I’m on the look out!