Paddling Paws…

When a dog likes to swim, it seems, a dog loves to swim. A swimming dog can seem to be really having a hell of a lot of fun. And I believe them! I believe that they are enjoying themselves and enjoying themselves a hell of a lot. As humans grow older we tend to rid ourselves of joy, we tend to numb ourselves to simple pleasures, we tend to get rushed and goal orientated, we stop appreciating things for their immediate pleasures. Pleasures that last only in their moment. Pleasures that do not accumulate into profit. Moments of joy do accumulate through, they accumulate into a good life, they accumulate into happiness.


And happiness is the goal surely. I mean whatever, it’s not for me to prescribe a goal onto anyone else’s life, but when you see these rich old people who are still tirelessly (by which I mean they are in denial about there complete tiredness that is eating them away from the inside) still adding to their wild accumulated wealth you just think: what is this for? Where is this going? You are going to die soon! You’ve just come into this world and been a vessel for money to pass into and out off and now you will deflate and die and the money will remain. Because the money isn’t ‘your’ money, nothing is ‘yours’ its definition is not ‘the money of Paul’ or whatever. The wealth you accumulate exists entirely independently of you, you are just sucking on its teet, you are a Limpit on the bottom of a ship. When you die and peal yourself off the hull and sink to the ocean floor the ship will be none the wiser. It will keep ploughing on just as capital keeps ploughing on. Your an insignificant passenger on your wealth, not a master of it.


When you die all that wealth will sit there without you. All your accumulated moments will sit there, useless to you now. But what if you spent those moments achieving joy? What about swimming with your dog and laughing and huffing and puffing and seeing the look in their eyes when they jump in? Now that is fun! That is living in allowing a moment be there in your life just for itself and just for you. That’s living.


When it comes to swimming your dog there up some guiders you should follow. Dogs can get into trouble in water just like anyone else, so you might want to consider a doggy life jacket. You should also take it easy the first time and let your dog lead you in what its ready for. Also, if you have a pool you should make sure you get the best safety covers for swimming pools available, as a dog falling into a swimming pool is a very different thing to a dog going swimming with a watching owner. So yeah, be careful, but most of all have fun!