Hi guys, and welcome! Let me tell you a story….


A story of a relationship, a story of a friendship, a story of companionship. A story of a woman, a dog and a whole load of happiness. For many years, my best friend was a beautiful dog called Rowan. Rowan was my closest companion and helped me get through some of the hardest parts of my life, after while of our time together I realised that I wanted to do more than just go for walks or sit on the sofa with Rowan, I wanted to pursue other activities with my beautiful Rowan. I wanted to get out there and have fun!


So, I set about finding new and exiting ways that me and Rowan could enjoy our time together. I wanted Rowan to have a whole new world, and this was a gateway to a whole new world for the both of us. So this is what ‘Rowan’s Gate’ is all about. It is Rowan opening the gateway for all pets and their owners to enjoy life in a new way.  Rowan loved his life, and he loved meeting other dogs and other people. I think that there’s space in our lives for this gate to be opened to all pets and all pet owners.


And that is what Rowan’s Gate is all about! It’s going to be me and as many other contributors as I can find talking about new ways you can enjoy your time with your pets, as well as other pet news, views and reviews.  I loved Rowan, and I love all my new pets. And I think that there can be so much more to the relationship most people have with their pets. You just got to think creatively! And keep checking up on what we’re going to be suggesting here on Rowansgate!